Homoeopathy has a distinct approach to disease. It recognizes diseases neither by its prominent systems nor by those any organ or part of the body. It treats the patient as a whole and the totality of the symtoms exhibited by him represents his disease. Merely the name of the condition from which he suffers most is thus of no significance to a homoeopath.

            The basic principles of homoeopathy that it treats the patient and not his disease should be constantly impressed in the minds of students, and it is only when this approach is firmly inculcated in them that they will be true homoeopaths.

            The subject of practice of medicine is taught in a homoeopathic orientation, so as to enable the students to treat the patient as a whole. A holistic approach of treatment is emphasized Medicine is essentially a practical science and can be more learnt at the bed-side than in a class room. Care should therefore be taken to impart an intensive clinical training to the students during the later part of their study in the college.

Our department is having sufficient facilities for clinical training for the students and internees. We provide clinical training at ANSS Homoeo Medical Collegiate Hospital, Homoeo Medical Collegiate Govt. Hospital, Kurichy and Central Research Institute for Homoeopathy Kurichy.  These three institutions are working in the same campus. We are providing specialty training in paediatrics, dermatology, cardiology, psychiatry, ENT, Orthopedics, Ophthalmology, causality etc…. at NSS Medical Mission Hospital Pandalam

The collegiate Hospital is having a well equipped clinical laboratory, ECG, X -ray Unit and USG facilities for diagnosis and prognosis of the care and provisions for accessory treatments as a well equipped physiotherapy ——-, Yoga  etc……