1. Homoeopathic Medical Collegiate Govt. Hospital, Kurichy
2. A NSS HMC Hospital, Kurichy
3. Central Research Institute of Homoeopathy, Kurichy
3. NSS  Medical Mission Multy Specialty Hospital, Pandalam
4.  Peripheral Out Patient Units – Vazhappally, Morkulangara & Thrikkodithanam



A Ladies Hostel is functioning in the college the Principal as Chief Warden and the other officials are as under.

  • Faculty in charge of Ladies Hostel        :    Dr.Minikumari.P.A
  • Matron                                                  :    Aneesha M.V.
  • LDC  in charge                                      :    Sri.Sajeevekumar.J.S

Total capacity        :    200 students


The College Library is functioning under the charge of a librarian.  In order to facilitate borrowing of books, computer assisted catalogue facility is also provided with.

Library Committee

President    :    Principal
Secretary    :    Librarian

Members    :   Dr.Resmi.M.R
Dr.Ram Jyothis

Students Rep.

 Regulations regarding the reference library

  1.     Books of reference, valuable and rare books are available from the reference section of the library.  These books are not lent out to students but the students are permitted to make use of these volumes in the reading room.
  2.     Students should produce the library card to borrow a book.  The card is to be deposited with the librarian on borrowing a book and will be given back when the book is returned.
  3.     Books borrowed by the students shall not be retained for more than 14 days from the date of issue.  If the due date falls on a holiday the book must be returned on the next working day.  Books borrowed before the commencement of vacation must be returned not later than the third working day after the re-opening of the college.
  4. Any book may be recalled at any time even if the period of loan has not expired.
  5.     Failure to return the book on the due date entails a fine Rs.5/- per day of delay for each book.
  6.     Failure to pay library fine due to failure to return the book within the due date by a student entails loss of privilege to borrow more books from the library till the overdue books are returned and dues cleared.
  7.    The librarian shall sent to the Principal every month a list of the students who have incurred library fine during the month together with a statement of books overdue from the students for necessary action.
  8. The marking on books with ink or pencil, spoiling or damaging, underlining of passages, writing of remarks etc., on the leaves of books or on illustration, tearing of pages, picture etc., are punishable.
  9. If any book is lost, damaged, or mutilated, the borrower would be required to           replace the book with fine or pay such compensation as may be fixed by the Principal.
  10.   If a book belonging to a set or series is lost/damaged and a new volume is not     available, the borrower shall be required to replace the whole set or series.  The defaced and damaged book set or series will be given to the borrower after its   replacement.
  11. Before leaving the counter, borrowers shall  examine  the books taken by them and point out any mutilation or defect in any books to the Librarian and have these defects etc., noted in the Register and initialed  by him/her.  Otherwise the borrower will be held responsible for any damage or mutilation observed.
  12. It shall be the duty of the librarian and his/her staff to examine the books returned by the borrowers and take immediate action in all cases of mutilation or  damage.
  13.    The transfer or sub-lending of books is strictly prohibited.

Central  Library

Total number of books : 4271

Book Bank Scheme

Total number of  books : 1381

Department Library :  600

Reading Rooms

  • The newspapers and periodicals etc., lying on the table shall not be removed from the reading room or from the place allotted for each.
  •    Loud reading or talking in the reading room is strictly forbidden.
  •   Any loss or damage will have to be paid for, by  the person responsible for it.
  • Umbrellas, hand bags and other personal belongings including books must be left outside before entering the room.
  •   Students should leave the reading room five minutes before the closing time.