The administration of the college is vested with the Principal who act in consultation with the Governing Body constituted by the Management, the Apex Body and the Staff Council.

Governing Body

It is the highest administration body which is constituted by the Management with 8 members.  The whole affairs of the college both academic and internal are controlled by this body.


1. Sri.G.Sukumaran Nair  (Chairman)

2. Dr.M.Sasikumar

3. Adv. N.V.Ayyappan Pillai

4. Sri. Harikumar Koyickal

5. Secretary, NSS Colleges’ Central Committee

6. Superintendent, Homoe Medical College Govt. Hospital , Kurichy

7. Principal, A NSS Homoeo Medical College

Staff Council

The Staff Council consisting of Heads of Departments has been constituted to advise and assist the Principal in the academic and internal matters.  The council will elect one of its members as the Secretary for a term of one year.  The Secretary shall give notice of the meeting of the council and keep the minutes of the proceeding.  The Secretary of the Council shall be the Staff Advisor to students union.

  • Dr. C. Bindukumari       – Professor & Principal
  • Dr. M. Girijadevi            – Professor & HOD, Dept. of  Anatomy
  • Dr. S. Jayalekshmy        – Professor & HOD, Dept. of  Physiology & Bio chemistry
  • Dr. A.B. Ram Jyothis    – Professor  & HOD, Dept. of Pharmacy
  • Dr. Sreedevi P.G.           – Professor  & HOD, Dept. of Materia Medica
  • Dr. Bindukumari C.      – Professor  & HOD, Dept. of Organon of Medicine
  • Dr. Sreedevi G.              – Reader  & HOD, Dept. of  Pathology
  • Dr. K. Kiran                    – Professor & HOD, Dept. of  Forensic Medicine
  • Dr.  K.S. Rajeswary       – Professor  & HOD, Dept. of Surgery
  • Dr. Mini B.R.                  – Professor  & HOD, Dept. of OBG
  • Dr. C. Ajithkumar          – Professor  & HOD, Dept. of Practice of Medicine
  • Dr. S. Harikumar           – Professor  & HOD, Dept. of CTR
  • Dr. Vinod Kumar V.       – Professor  & HOD, Dept. of Community Medicine