Organon of Medicine and Principles of Homoeopathic Philosophy is a vital subject which builds up the conceptual base for the physician. The Chief aim and object for studying tis subject was to present before the medical world ,the doctors merits, and practical applications of his newhealing art in a logical and elaborate  way. Hahnemann’a Organon of Medicine which stand the edifice of the science and act of medicine which  explain the fundamentals of why and  what of Homoeopathy, which clearly defense a true physician with his duties and responsible as a rartional healer of the seck and pressure of health. So we need to study this subject from I BHMS – IV BHMS.

                Department of Organon of Medicine and Homoropathic Philosophy will give training to each and every student to study those principle which when applied in practice will help them to obtain results ,which he/she can explain rationally and repeats them in practice with grater competence. Focus of education and training should be to build up the conceptual base.

Proper clinical training is conducted, Bed side clases are regulary conducted students exact Knowledge of case laking, case caalysis , Evaluation of symptom. Deseases diagnonosis,Miasmatic of case – General & dielary management

Compulsory case taking terms of each student where is he learns to build up portrait of the diseases by undertaking.

  1. Evolutionary study of the patient comprising of well defined characterstics
  2. Studying individual in his life span and is related to his family environment and work
  3. Processing of the interview and the entire case so as to grasp the principle of management of this patient.