The department of Materia Medica aims at providing a sound knowledge of Homoeopathic drugs. Materia Medica is a subject which is taught from first year to final year. Our department has formulated various strategies to achieve the broad vision of our institution. To heal and comfort the suffering humanity.

            The department is currently facilitated with good number of materials of academic importance. A proper knowledge of drug substances and its action are essential for every student. We offer students a well planned quality education thro efficient classroom and practical guidance.

            The students are taught to study each drug synthetically, analytically and comparatively to enable the student to study each drug individually as a whole.

Theory classes

            Conventional teaching method is adopted with variation wherever necessary. Drugs are discussed from cognitive angles with a visual reference system and charts for the objective of teaching Materia Medica at clinical levels. Students are assessed by questioners, periodical test papers, and drug picture presentation. Clinical classes are invariably patient centered and patient oriented and emphasis will be given to problem of health and disease. Here the students are encouraged to study the drugs for various clinical conditions by comparisons the therapeutic application of Materia Medica is demonstrable from cases of IP and OP wards.  Bed side knowledge helps the student to interact with the patient, to analysis to solve problems to get in-depth study about the case and management.

Seminars and work shop

            Seminars are regularly conducted based on rotation with audio visual aids periodically.

            Workshop includes discussion, demonstration question answer session, knowledge sharing and training library:

            A well flourished departmental library containing 155 books with new addition every year. Several books of related subjects are also available for reference.

            Different charts about Materia Medica in general and various drugs, their relationship, drug pictures, specimens with a note on their therapeutic application.

            A total number of 76 charts with new addition every year, more than 30 specimens form vegetable, mineral and animal sources are systematically arranged in the department.

            A well organized tutorial system in smaller group enables individual attention to every students, helps them to interact with their teachers learn different ideas and knowledge.

            For the purpose of serving the public and teaching students we have 4 general OP in Government Homoeopathic Medical College Hospital and 3 general Ops in ANSS Hospital

            On every Tuesday we conduct special OP on Thyroid linked problems, on Wednesday we conduct oncology OP. Public awareness classes are also conduct for various diseases conditions. Main aim of our department is to provide each student a sound knowledge about homoeopathy which helps them to become a good physician.