Forensic medicine or legal medicine provides one of the most fascinating of all faces of practice of medical profession.

          The subject is of practical importance to the students and homoeopathic physician who are employed by the government in areas where they have to handle medico legal cases, perform autopsies apart from giving evidence in such cases.

          Forensic medicine which deals with broad field where medical matters come into relation with law. All branches of medicine provides basic knowledge application of which shaped to conform to the need of a law, forms the body of the subject. The application of medical knowledge to aid in the administration of justice depends on medical man’s power of exact knowledge, power of observation and examination of the case, clear presentation of evidences and ability in expressing a relatively firm opinion. The study of forensic medicine will help the student in all its aspects. Formerly this subject was known as Medical Jurisprudence and Toxicology. But now it is popularly known as Forensic Medicine and Toxicology. This subject is now included in 2nd BHMS syllabus.