Casetaking and Repertory is a subject which brings a modern concept in the field of homoeopathy by using most modern technique to reach similimum.

These subjects mainly focus about the two main parts for the selection of medicine. In this subject theoretical part is less. We are more concentrated to the practical part. First part case taking which is the most important section which has to be given more importance. “A well taken case is half cured” quoted by Elizebeth Wright  has to be implemented here”. The second part “Repertory” which is the index of symptoms of Materia Medica is also considered as dictionary of medicines because it gives information about the remedy with in limited time. Thousands and thousands of medicine which cannot be recollected by human mind are now at the finger tips. It stands as a bridge between Materia & Organon.

Department of Case taking and Repertory will give to each and every subject to study the importance of these subjects. This subject is studied from third BHMS onwards. Here only the theoretical study of this subject is taught. Clinical training for both case taking and repertory is given along with this, also awareness about analysis, evaluation, repertorial totality, various repertorisation methods to select the similimum. Also computer training to each student in computer lab in clinical hours. So each and every student can experience computer repertorisation. Both softwares RADAR and HOMPATH are available. Through this, students are able to undergo training in casetaking and computer repertorisation. By this they can evolve fastest way to select similimum. Our subject connects to various branches such as Materia Medica, Organon, Practice of Medicine, Pathology, Gynecology, Surgery going through different clinical rubrics for clinical conditions are applied in way. So repertory becomes an essential tool for the study and practice of homoeopathy.